Embroidery Couture Dress & Up-Cycle Denim Proposal/ Timeline/ Progress

1. Project Proposal: Collection one is a red couture dress, I already started working on the pattern, and design embroidery pattern on the dress. My inspiration for this dress is from Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass design. My dress design will be a full length evening dress with a left bottom front opening. It will... Continue Reading →

Hand Embroidery v.s. Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery: Final outcome: Start from brain storming, move all different elements around:  Copy patterns onto embroidery net:  Start up from outside: Then inside, layer by layer:   Check final color selection: STRAT WITH FINAL COLOR SELECTION: FINAL LOOK:   MACHINE EMBROIDERY: HAND TAG LACE ON THE DRESS: HAND SEW SEQUINS:    

Visual Journal Forum 1

When we use rhetorical situation as it relates to writing in the arts, the writer himself/herself is the artist. It varies what kind of artist he/she will be, the way they write will depends on their culture, personal characteristics and interests. There are many different types of mediums in art, such as: painting, photography, print,... Continue Reading →

Embroidery Physical Reproduction

One of these great innovators in couture was Christian Dior, who reinvented haute couture during a time span of ten years. Before one can delve into how Dior change couture and fashion in general we must look into his history and how he got to be one of the most famous designers of all time.Christian... Continue Reading →

Manifesto Critiquing Fast Fashion

Fast fashion as the name implies means getting the trendiest clothes out of production as soon as possible. The large fashion companies make profits by selling in volumes, so production must be swift and successful. Unfortunately, in order for this inexpensive clothes to be shipped to stores all across first world countries, they are made... Continue Reading →

Community Service Project

Assignment #1: Community Service Project Volunteer for the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund Work online. Time work: Total 12 hours. Worked 1- 2 hours per week from January 28 to April 16. Participation: Read students’ applications for scholarship. 2. Volunteer with Read Across America Located at Kennedy Elementary School. Time work: 2 hours. Participation: After... Continue Reading →

Slow Fashion Upcycling Denim Jean

500  word research paper Nearly one and a half year ago, I learn about how fast fashion make us over-consuming and over-spending, and also make most of us follow every changing of new trending cycles. I begin to ask more questions about where my clothing came from, what it is made of, and who made... Continue Reading →

Costume Design

500 word research paper Edith Head is one of my favors costume designer, and she was a popular costume artist that was nominated various times for Academy Awards and won eight. She attended Berkley and Stanford University before landing a job as a sketch artist for Paramount Pictures. She later developed a connection with Alfred... Continue Reading →

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