Manifesto Critiquing Fast Fashion

Fast fashion as the name implies means getting the trendiest clothes out of production as soon as possible. The large fashion companies make profits by selling in volumes, so production must be swift and successful. Unfortunately, in order for this inexpensive clothes to be shipped to stores all across first world countries, they are made in developing nations for many reasons. One reason is cheap labor; these large companies take advantage of the people in countries like Bangladesh who are unprotected by the lack of labor laws. Aside from the low wages, there are also poor working conditions, again due to the lack of safety laws in these nations. They have no fire escape, no fire extinguishers and have no formal training with machinery most of the time. Lastly, these companies have children making garments in the factories, thanks to the lack laws that should protect innocent children from being forced into these conditions.

These companies are really clever and distort reality when it comes to getting the consumers attention. They use high fashion designers’ names and place them on the label of the garments they sell. This in turn makes consumers go shopping for these clothes that are nothing but fast fashion pieces with a designer’s signature on them.

As consumers, we have got used to paying very little for the clothes that we wear, that we forget how valuable a piece of clothing can actually be. We are supporting these billionaire companies but more importantly we are harming the nations and the people that produce these cheap goods.


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