Autry Museum

I visited the Autry Museum were I got to see a variety of clothes from different cultures.




One piece that caught my eye was a Buckskin Dress that belongs to the permanent collection: How the West was Worn, from Frontiers and Fringe under Art of the West. This dress was made by Susie Smoke, from the Oglala Sioux tribe from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. This piece was made around the 1920’s, and like the name implies, the dress is made of buckskin which is most likely from a male deer. The skin then is smoked to give it this soft honey color as well as create an almost waterproof layer. The dress is covered with colorful beads that outline the extremities but also form the figures of other Native American men on horseback. The beads that are made of different colored glass represent elder natives from that same tribe, the Oglala Sioux. The dresses are typically made by the mother or grandmother and given to the next generation women of the tribe. Each dress was unique and tailored specifically for the young woman as she entered adulthood. This is easily one of the best pieces this museum in my opinion.


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