Art 4040 plan out

I will make one costume out of my illustrations. Since most of the costumes are basic in 1870s Victorian dress style, the dress body will have boning and laces. I plan to make my costume by making a corset base construction gown. I will use my studio time for making garment patterns and cutting fabrics and sewing.

Weekly Plan:

from Sept.30th –Oct 6th:   1. Finish 9-10 illustrations.  2. Select fabrics and trims. 3. Make patterns.

Oct 7th – Oct 13rd: 1. Finish the patterns. 2. Cutting the fabrics. 3. Start making the corset base.

Oct 14th – Oct 19th: Sewing.

Oct 20th – Oct 26th: Sewing and finishing the hand sewing.


I need demo for how to finish the back of a gown. I am not sure if I should use zipper or buttons. Or lace tight for the back. I found out from my research that for actual costume garment using zipper would be more convenient for the actor and actress to change faster back on the stage during the actual live performance. But what if I am making the dress for film?



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