My fashion looks, through paper cutout photography

2-D objects for gallery / museum 

  • 500 Research paper, identifying artist (s)  use FFM related materials in their practice, with references and images posted on the blog.  You may also include outside references books, articles, etc.

My fashion looks are inspired by Nicole Warne’s fashion blog. I started following Nicole’s Instagram, and her popular Gary Pepper Girl blog back in 2014.

Nicole Warne enjoys wearing dresses or skirts, and she actually prefers them over pants. She wears bright colors and unique prints and is not afraid of them. As if choosing the right colors for her prints wasn’t hard enough, she also likes to match them in her suit combinations. Nicole also likes to show off her small waist when she gets the chance, especially with high-waist skirts. Not only does she look good in skirts but she can pull off wearing long dresses as well. To top everything off, Warne knows how to apply the perfect make-up and wear the suitable accessories according to her style. When I choose my outfits, I always look toward Nicole’s style, and here are some of my fashion looks from pass two year till now:

Fashion is my calling and it is my sole focus. Although I also have a keen interest in landscape. I believe this comes from my interest in nature, colors and asymmetrical shapes. In my everyday day life there are scenes or landscapes/surroundings that I see on a daily basis when I drive around town. For this project I have decided to incorporate these two things to create and bring to life unique designs inspired by my surroundings.

One way to merge these two elements is through the use of paper cut outs and photography. This style of art has been made popular by the artist Rich McCor who is an agent at an advertising agency. This artist regularly posts paper cutouts that blend in to the landscapes that he chooses. He began this as a side project recently and has been very popular since his first post of blending in a cut out of a watch with Big Ben, back in early 2015. This is where the concept of blending paper cutouts with landscapes was made popular through Instagram. This is where a few other artists have gotten their inspiration.


There are very few artists who have attempted this but their work has been seen throughout the world. Thanks to the internet and social media sites and apps like Instagram and Facebook their work has not gone unnoticed. The particular artists I am describing, focus their work on mostly using paper cut outs/illustrations that include dress models and the dress part of the drawing has been intentionally been left out. To fill these empty spaces, artists use a combination of landscapes that might include, buildings, sunsets, and other types of man-made or natural surroundings. Once the artists find the preferred landscape they position the cut-out drawing in the desired position and take a photo to capture the moment.

One artist in particular is, Shamekh Al-Bluwi. He is a fashion designer and architect from Jordan that incorporates landscapes and his surroundings into his illustrations. For example, some of his work includes photos of his cut outs against real world backgrounds like tree branches, a table top, and a skyline. He works on this during his spare time and like Rich McCor, he was made internet famous through social media sites including Instagram. Al-Bluwi later uses his photos of the cut outs as inspiration for future design ideas. He stated that his greatest source of inspiration is “everyday life.” Since he is constantly traveling, he has the opportunity to use different settings as his background.


Another artist is, Edgar Artis. He is an Armenian designer that uses the same concept of using paper cut outs and blending it with his surroundings. Just like Al-Bluwi and McCor, Edgar’s cut outs are placed against landscapes and his surroundings to create a unique design that will later serve him as inspiration to create a dress or garment.

Our everyday life has unlimited design ideas that are waiting to be found. These hidden treasures are potential inspiration for unique design ideas. Instead of limiting ourselves with ordinary design ideas we can now look into our ever changing surroundings for inspiration.

For my fashion looks paper cut out collection, I mainly focus on the landscape or objects that shows within the cut-out of the photo paper. I try to find the best angle and particular views that can make it look like fabric on the photos. And some of the texture from the material can also show throughout the photos.

  • a collection of 2D, 3D objects and /or wearables

  • Identify where and the objects will be exhibited – name galleries, images, location, what type of work they show.

The place my objects would like to be exhibited is Annenberg Space for Photography. Its address is 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067. They mainly show all different types of photography exhibitions. The Current Exhibit is: IDENTITY by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders The List Portraits, and it is from SEP 24, 2016 – FEB 26, 2017. Some of the portraits that are in this exhibit are:

  • Experimentation with materials

I tried to use regular printer paper for my paper cutout, yet I found out it’s too slim and unable for me to hold up outdoors to take pictures with. I changed my paper into bleed-proof marker paper to print out my pictures and create the cutouts.

  • Documentation of the objects

Paper Cut-Out Project Progess

Click link above to watch the video

  • Presentation to the class of objects 







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